the_sexy_quinn: (rumpled in a suit)
Dev Spencer Quinn ([personal profile] the_sexy_quinn) wrote2011-08-10 01:55 am
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"I'm dying of thirst," Dev said, walking into the condo and dramatically collapsing face first onto the sofa.

"Too hot for you, baby?" Tom asked with a laugh.

"Yes. Beer me," Dev said, his voice muffled by a cushion.

"Water might be better for you, you know," Tom teased.

"Don't make me hurt you, husband," Dev said with a growl, flipping over onto his back. "I'll withhold sexual favors from you if I don't have a Stella Artois in my hand in the next five seconds."

"I'm fairly sure that's an idle threat."

Dev pursed his lips. "Yeah, it is."

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