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Name:Dev Spencer Quinn
Birthdate:Aug 18
Location:United States of America
I hail from the great state of California but I've recently relocated to Boston, Mass. I've just dropped out of college and wondering if I made a mistake. But I don't know. Paying money to get a philosophy degree seems kind of wrong somehow, so maybe it's the right decision.

I'm a free thinker, a huge drinker and I'll hook up with pretty much anything that movesI'm engaged to my spectacular boyfriend I'm married to the sexiest man I've ever known.

Oh, and I'm a Leo, so that makes me awesome. Look it up if you don't believe me.

My Tom
Tom on a date

Tom on the couch

Character Biography
* Character Name / Nicknames / Aliases: Dev Spencer Quinn, DQ, D
* Birth Date: August 18, 1988
* Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA - Cedar Sinai Medical Center
* Residence: Boston, MA - Westland Ave.
* Height: 5'11
* Weight: 142 lbs
* Clothing Styles: casual but knows how to dress up when called for
* Hair Color: dark blond
* Hair Length: long enough to be considered shaggy
* Eye Color: blue
* Handedness : right
* Jewelry: occasionally wears a watch, considering getting his ear pierced
* Tattoos: none
* General Appearance: neat, put together
* Relationship with Family: they love him but he wishes to maintain some distance due to what he sees as "a tendency to meddle." His parents were both born into money and sometimes he feels as if he's merely one more thing they think they own. He has one sibling and is surprisingly protective of her given his disdain for most everyone in his life
* Key Family / Relatives: younger sister Sadie
* Relationship with Friends: he rarely makes real friends, but when he does he genuinely likes them. It is extremely easy for him to dismiss them if he's no longer enjoying their company, however
* Key Friends: Tom Ryan is his boyfriend and admittedly the first man he's ever genuinely loved.
* Key Enemies:
* Educational History: graduated high school (private, exclusive) at the top of his class, received a scholarship for college but dropped out his sophomore year
* Work History: only had the occasional clerk job in a variety of stores when he lived in L.A., currently works for Barnes and Noble in Boston
* Skills: he would consider his prowess in bed, his sarcasm and bitter honesty to be his most important skills. His abilities to adapt and quickly pick up anything he needs to learn would be the more useful ones. He's also a fairly good writer and poet, though reluctant to share those skills with others
* Phobias / Fears: none he'd admit to. In reality, he's afraid to trust someone to the point where they could hurt him
* Bad Habits / Vices: drinks too much, recreational drug use, will have sex with any willing partner
* Quirks: has a serious love of roleplay in the bedroom
* Best Qualities: sense of humor, honesty, can be fun when he genuinely likes you
* Worst Qualities: apathetic to a degree, sometimes too honest, not very diplomatic or loyal
* Key Childhood Experiences: there's something there that he won't fully disclose just yet
* Key Teenage Experiences: coming out to his parents when he was fourteen
* Key Adult Experiences:
* Sexual Background: had sex for the first time at 11 and quickly discovered it's an extremely effective way to control someone. Now, he is very promiscuous and has no qualms about using sex to gain whatever he wants
* Favorites (food, clothing, art, music, TV show, movie, book, etc.) loves reality shows in the ironic sense, will pay to see anything starring Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Alba or Shia LeBoeuf, enjoys reading anything from fantasy to nonfiction (though he draws the line at romance)
* Personal Goals: undetermined at this time. He is currently leaning towards not becoming homeless, however
* Professional Goals: see above
* Morality / Ethics: he knows the difference between right and wrong. When he acts in a way that others may view as "wrong" he will justify his actions by saying that they are what's right for him at the time. It makes him appear to be unfeeling.
* Style of Speech: it's clear that he was raised to express himself well and he speaks at a more mature level than his peers. He will slip into slang and "dumb himself down" if he feels it's warranted to help him fit in
* Commonly Used Words / Slang / Jargon:
* Lies / Misinformation:
* Other Important Details:
A note
The preceding character bio sheet was found here. As suggested, I have left some fields blank and will complete them once Dev has given me the answers.
Disclaimers and assorted information
This is a creative writing journal for an original character and is the sole intellecutal property of the author. It is not affiliated with William Moseley in any way and his image is being used as a physical representation of an original fictional character. Any written material in this journal belongs to the author with the obvious exception of any quotations or other cited material.

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