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Summers are madness for me - good madness, but still... Anyway, I'm going to be more away than here, though I will try to at least get computer access somewhere enough to keep up with prompts and tags. My tagging will be slow, but should return to normal in a few months. I've been preparing for a trip, then when I get back I have people visiting, then another trip. It's all family so not as exciting as I'd like, but it's always nice to get away.

I've also posted this in my mun journal, so I apologize for spamming if you've friended both!
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I now have a mun journal at [ profile] sanjojo.

I suppose it'll be my version of a fen comm for my Dev. If it becomes more, that'll be fine. I'll go ahead and friend the muse journals on Dev's friends list but don't feel the need to reciprocate if you'd rather not. It'll just make it easier for me to have two places to keep up on posts.
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I'm not sure if I need to put a warning label on my pup but considering I keep seeing IC/OOC discussions and battles, I felt it better to be safe than sorry. While he does behave himself most of the time, Dev can be inappropriate, forward, careless, sarcastic, oblivious to others' feelings and downright mean. I can too but I save that for RL not RP ;) So, what this means is if Dev acts up with another pup, it's all him. I take kickboxing and have that as an outlet. He doesn't. This is his.

I'll also be answering all prompts for him (assuming he gets accepted into any writing community) in the first person. Everything is going to be from his POV because that's who he is and I'd like everything written for him to maintain a journal entry sort of feel.

[end disclaimer communication]



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